Directories – New and Improved

DirectoryAssistanceWe all know that Directory Assistance has changed dramatically through the years. Well, some of our directories (on the blue Toolbar) have changed, too. We did this in order to make these function better, look better, and, by rewriting them in Word, to give us the ability down the road (maybe later this summer) to create recipes for all of these. When we have recipes churches will be able to customize the directories.

Let’s talk about what is available on the blue Toolbar under Directories:

  • Compact Directory – This is the only one of the three that does not contain pictures, and it is the only one that has not yet been rewritten. Stay tuned for that.
  • Picture Directory – This directory uses the individual photos and will print 24 per page. Along with the names, it includes the person’s email address, birthdate (month/day), spouse’s name. and names of children in the family.
  • Family Picture Directory – This uses the family photos and can be run from anywhere you see the toolbar. However, it works best if you run it from Search Builder, where you can add the Condition Is Head of Household. This prints 12 per page and includes the names of the family members and the home phone number.

Thank you to First Evangelical Church, Memphis, TN, for sponsoring the Family Picture Directory!

Stay tuned! We have another directory coming shortly.

Read more…about other options on the blue Toolbar.

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