New Options for Editing “Campus”

The default requirement for editing the Campus selection on someone’s people record is for the user to have Access and Edit roles. However, we have just added a new user role with an accompanying Setting and another new Setting – all of which relate to which users can edit the Campus on a person’s record.

If you add this new role named EditCampus to your database and the Setting EnforceEditCampusRole = true, only a user with the role EditCampus can edit a person’s Campus.

If you add the Setting MyDataCanEditCampus = true a MyData user (and any other user) can edit his own Campus.

So, you have some options:

  • If you like the user roles as they are currently, do not do anything.
  • If you want users (My Data included) to be able to change the Campus on their own records, add the Setting MyDataCanEditCampus = true.
  • If you do not want all users with Edit role to be able to change the Campus on other people’s records, then add the user role EditCampus to your database and assign it to those few users that you want to be able perform this function. Then add the Setting EnforceEditCampusRole = true.
  • If you want people to edit their own Campus settings and you want to limit which staff can edit someone else’s Campus settings, then add both the new Role and both Settings.

Thank you to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City for sponsoring these projects.

Read more…about User Roles

Read more—about Settings


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