Replacement Code for Drop from Org

New ImageThank you to our friends at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York for sponsoring this new email replacement code. The code can be placed in an email to an individual, a Tag, an organization, or Search Builder results. The code itself has the org ID# in it, so you do not have to use it only when emailing from an organization. When someone clicks on the link he will be dropped from the organization indicated.

Use Case 1: Send an email to everyone enrolled in a newsletter organization and insert this code so people can very easily remove themselves from the org, instead of using the unsubscribe link.

Use Case 2: If people have signed up for a work day and you want to remind the members about it. You can insert this code and ask them to please click the link to drop themselves from the org if they will be unable to participate.

You are creative people! I’m sure you will find other use cases for this new code. Thank you again, Redeemer, for sponsoring this. Remember, every new feature goes into the open source project so all TouchPoint churches will benefit.

By the way, this is not the same format as our normal email replacement codes, so you will need to read more about this so you will know the correct form.


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