Attendance Comparison for a Division

2017-03-29_15-11-27TouchPoint has a recipe for a sweet SQL script that will let you look at one or more Divisions and compare the average attendance in each organization with the previous 365 days. It lists the number of people present for each period (current and previous 365 days), the number of meetings for each period, and then the average attendance for each period.


Here’s a sample report showing just a few organizations in the same Division.


If this is something you are interested in keep reading.

This is not a script that I would add to the menu. But that’s just my opinion. The reason is that if you have a lot of Divisions you would probably be better off declaring(in the script) the specific Division(s) you need just before running the report each time. That’s very easy to do and will always give the minister what he’s expecting.

For example: the Young Married minister would like to see the report for all 3 of his Divisions, the Senior Adult minister just needs to see his 1 Division, and other ministries only are interested in their own Divisions. I would rather run the report for each ministry as needed, changing the Division each time, than to create a monster report including all of our Life Group Divisions. That would be more than 350 Organizations, each having one line in the report.

Like all our SQL & Python scripts, we have the code in the help article for your System Admin to copy and paste into your database.

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