Deceased This Month Report-SQL Recipe

2017-03-29_15-11-27This report is not just showing those that have passed away during the current month and year. It is a report that finds everyone in your database that has a deceased date with the current month – for all years. It it for a specific type of ministry.

The purpose is to give you a list of those whose deceased anniversary is in the current month, so that you can reach out to any surviving family members to let them know you are praying for them. The report itself has the deceased person’s name and a link to the people record (so you can find their family members) as well as the deceased date month/day/year. It sorts by the most recent date. So, it will include any people that have passed away in the actual current month/year.

This may not be something that every church will be able to use, but we know some churches really try to reach out to those surviving spouses or children somewhere around the first anniversary date of their loved one’s passing.

If you are interested in this report, just follow the instructions in the help article. We have everything you need – just copy and paste. As with all SQL and Python scripts, these must be added to your database by someone with the Admin user role at your church.

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