Family Events and Online Registration

As we get closer to spring and summer, you will probably be planning family outings for your church. If so, you will probably use an online registration to get everyone registered and collect the fees. And, you may want to collect a Family Deposit fairly early so you can better secure the facilities you will need.

In that case, TouchPoint has just what you need – an option to collect only a family deposit (the same amount per family), and still get everyone in the family registered early so you will know how many people for which to plan.

Most families plan ahead for events that have fees, especially families with several children. By offering a registration for which the family initially pays only a family deposit is really a nice feature.

Normally, a Deposit for an online registration is on a per person basis. You have a set per person Fee, you allow for a Deposit, and you might even have other fees based on extra options the person selects during the registration. But for a Family Campout or another type of family event, you really just need the same deposit regardless of how many family members are planning to attend. That’s when the Family Deposit feature comes into play. It allows someone to register both adults and all 5 children in the family and pay the same deposit as a family with only 1 child. They will pay the full amount per person later using a paylink, but they do not have to do it at the time they register.

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