Campus: Set Custom Sort Order

New ImageMany of our TouchPoint family of churches have multiple Campuses. That is, they have what are almost separate churches under one umbrella and in the same database. For example: Our home church Bellevue has a main Campus we call Appling, another named Arlington, our Hispanic ministry named Bella Vista, and our north Campus named Frayser.

Our friends in New York at Redeemer Presbyterian Church also have multiple Campuses and recently sponsored a project to allow you to set the order you want the Campuses to display in the drop down menu. We have added this feature and it’s working great! Thank you, Redeemer for sponsoring this.

If you have multiple Campuses at your church, take a look at the help article mentioned below. Also included in that article are other several other Settings that relate to Campus that you may not be familiar with. So, it’s worth the read.

Read more…about how Campus is used in TouchPoint and the many Settings you can add relating to this.

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