Newsletter Subscriptions

Many of you send email newsletters at your church. If you do, and if you have more than one newsletter, you should probably set up a Manage Subscription type of registration like the one below.


This is very simple to create. It is very much like a User Selects type of online registration in that it uses a Master Org with the actual newsletters being the ‘pick list’ orgs. You do not need a confirmation email on any of the orgs, as the confirmation for this type of registration is contained in the Special Content section. Your System Admin can modify it if you want to make any changes to it.

You advertise one link and your subscribers can manage their own subscriptions and check only those newsletters they want to receive. You can even include a Register Link in each of the newsletters making it very convenient for subscribers to Manage Subscriptions.

Read more…about setting up your newsletters as a subscription service.

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