SMS Message Log – Available to SMS Users

Previously, only Admin users could view the SMS log – that list of all text messages sent via your TouchPoint database. Now, any user with the Send SMS role can view the report and drill down to the details. Go to Administration > Communication > SMS Messages.

The Details section has your entire text message, all the people that you sent it to and information letting you know if they received it, and if not, the reason why. This is a great way to see if your texts are getting to those you need to reach.

Based on the details of this log, you can followup with anyone that did not receive the text and ask for a good cell phone number to add to his record and ask permission to set his SMS Opt-In? flag to Yes.

We hope you find this nice little report very helpful. Sorry we’ve kept it hidden from you SMS users for so long!

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If you are not already using our texting integration with Twilio you will want to start by reading this help article – Texting from TouchPoint Overview

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