Failed Recurring Giving

TipsIf your church is using online giving, there will be times that a donor’s recurring giving will fail. This will be due to one of several reasons, such as an expired credit card, an incorrect account number, insufficient funds, or some other reason. When that happens TouchPoint will notify via email both the donor and the finance office at your church.

Notice to the Donor

The email sent to the donor will contain the failed message (the reason it failed) that TouchPoint received from the payment processor with a suggestion that he contact the church.

What does that mean for the donor?

This means that whatever amount he had specified will not come out of his bank account or be charged to his credit card, nor will the amount be added to his giving record. The donor can go online to his people record (Giving > Statements tab), select Manage Recurring Giving and revise his recurring giving settings. Depending on the reason for the failure, he may need to contact his bank to resolve the issue.

Notice to the Church

The email to the Finance user at your church will also indicate the reason for the failure but also has a link to the failed transaction.

What action should the church take?

Even though the donor should have received an email notification, too, we recommend that you contact him as a courtesy and be prepared to assist him in making whatever changes are necessary to  ensure that his online giving will successfully process. You may also want to go to your processor’s website to find out more about the codes they use for failed transactions, so that you understand exactly what the problem is.

Read more…about managing who at the church receives notices and how to create a custom email notice for your donors.


2 thoughts on “Failed Recurring Giving

    1. Karen Post author

      If you have a user account on your TouchPoint database, just go to your people record and click the Giving > Statements tab and then click Recurring Giving link. Be sure to enter all of the information again – the full credit card number and expiration date and save the changes to update your recurring giving.



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