New Bundle Report Recipe

2016-10-14_18-15-16It seems we have been blogging about new features for finance users a lot lately. Sometimes that is just the way it goes. This post is about another feature for finance users – a Bundle Report.

If you like to keep track of cash and check sub-totals by donor using a printed report, we have a recipe for you. This report will put a summary at the top of the report, then a list of donors below. The list will display the cash donations first followed by a sub-total and then the list of check donations also followed by a sub-total. After that is a grand total. Because this was designed to be printed, we also included a signature line where your counters can sign off on the bundle.

This report is probably more suited for smaller churches with one or two bundles per day. It is a per bundle report. If you want a report of your total bundles for the day with a cash/check breakdown per bundle (without the details), you will use the Deposit Report.

If this seems like something you would want, check out the recipe! It’s as easy as copy and paste. Then, voila – you have your report link displaying on the bundle page ready for you to click on it and then print from your browser.

Thank you to First Baptist Church, Springfield, LA for sponsoring this project.

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2 thoughts on “New Bundle Report Recipe

  1. Kendal Butler

    I’m unable to click on any links in this post. I get an error message “Your connection is not secure. The owner of has configured their website improperly.”


    1. Karen Post author

      I’m sorry about that. Please close your browser and try again. I just fixed those links. If you subscribe and were using the version in your email, I think you will need to use the post in the TouchPoint News section in order to get the revised inks. Thank you for letting me know!



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