Self-Support for Mission Trips

2017-02-28_10-25-24In recent weeks, we noticed several mission trip participants making payments toward their trips by using Support Links instead of their paylink or the make payment link on their people record. This can cause some confusion and cause payments to get recorded incorrectly. We decided to do something about that. We added 2 new prompts and now prevent someone from making these mistakes.

1) If a Goer (a participant in a mission trip) attempts to make a self-support payment using a Support Link that is configured with his people ID # on the end of it, he will receive a prompt saying “You cannot self-support from this page.”

2) If a Goer tries to use a generic Support Link (such as one posted on your website) that allows someone to select a Goer from the list, he will not see his name in the list. He will also see a prompt reminding him to either use a paylink or the make payment link from his people record in order to make a self-support payment.

We do pay attention to how people use the features in TouchPoint. This is a case in point. Once we realized that there could be confusion, we took steps to prevent that from happening.

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