Contributions: 3 time-saving tips

TipsOver a year ago (Jan. 2016) I blogged about 3 changes on the post bundle page that make posting contributions easier for you. We have added quite a few new clients since then and some of you may have missed it the first time. So, I am reposting about these 3 helpful additions.

  1. Split into Multiple Funds – When you have a dollar amount already entered for a donor and you need to divide it among several funds, just click Actions > Split and enter the amounts separated by a space.  If you have 3 funds, enter only 2 amounts. The third fund will be the initial entry. Now just select the correct fund for each amount.
  2.  Adding Missing Check Numbers – If for some reason your bank import misses a check number, you can easily add that to the contribution. The word Empty will display where the check number should be. Just click on that and enter the check number.
  3. Access a People Record – When you posting contributions, sometimes you need to view a people record to make address changes or verify something. Once you enter the PID# or the person’s name and add that entry, you can click on the  person’s name which will open the people record in a new tab. This makes it so easy for you to update an a record without losing your place posting contributions.

All 3 of these time-savers are demonstrated in this short (under 2 minutes) video.

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