Managed Giving Report

ChurchDonationsFinance users – did you notice a few little additions we recently published to the Managed Giving Report? You can now see more information about a donor’s Recurring Giving without drilling down to the details. Also, we have added more information on the details page.

One purpose of this report is to help you troubleshoot when a donor calls and has questions about his recurring giving. The additional information we are now displaying is to give you more assistance with this.

  1. We now display the total amount of the donor’s giving on the Managed Giving Report. This is the actual amount being deducted from his bank account.
  2. Also new is a column labeled Inactive. If you see an amount in this column that means that the donor still has recurring giving toward a fund that has been made inactive. So, the amount you see in that column is the amount no longer coming out of the donor’s bank account.
  3. When you click the donor’s name to drill down, you can now see the Fund ID (instead of just the fund name) of the funds to which the donor is giving. If an amount beside a fund is red, that means the fund is inactive and the total amount the donor originally set up to give is reduced by that amount (the amount designated for the now inactive fund).


Best practice: If you intend to make a fund inactive, plan ahead and notify your donors – especially those who have recurring giving to that fund. You can find these people by using Search Builder’s Has Managed Giving Condition. Then you can send an email giving the date the fund will be made inactive. The donor can then go to his Managed Giving page and remove the amount going toward that fund. Frequently, these are yearly pledge funds, so the donor will probably want move the amount to the new fund.

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