New SQL Recipe: Average Att. for Orgs

2016-10-14_18-15-16This may seem like more of the same, as we have recently published several other reports that present attendance for organizations. However, this one is just a bit different. For this report, you enter a date range, and the report will display one row per org (for your filtered group), with the total number of attends, the total number of meetings and the average attendance.It is designed to be an option on the blue Toolbar on the Organization > Search page.

As with all of these SQL recipes, your system admin can copy and paste the script from our help article into your database, run the report and then select Add Report to Toolbar. Once that is done, you can select a group of orgs by using the filters on the Org > Search page. Then select Average Attendance for Orgs from the Toolbar (under the code icon), select a date range and get a nice concise report giving the average attendance over that date range. The org ID is a link to take you directly to the organization.

I added this to our church database, and I think our ministers will love it!

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