2016 Year-End Giving Statements

2016-08-03_16-36-05You probably do not need reminding that it is time to send out the annual contribution statements. Giving is an act of worship and not something to be taken lightly. Not only are these statements something we must do by law, but it is also a good time for us to thank our donors. While they are not giving to us, but to the Lord, as employees and staff of the ministry we do benefit from their generosity.


Consider adding a letter from the pastor along with your statements. In it, he can highlight ways their contributions have been used for ministry throughout the year and perhaps mention new programs or ministries that are planned the new year.

Or, instead of a letter, you can print a card that can easily be inserted in the envelope with the statement.

Some churches send out an email about the time the statements have been mailed letting donors know they should be receiving their statements soon. The email can also include instructions regarding what to do if they notice any thing missing from their statement.

If you do not mail statements for those that are flagged Electronic Statements Only, then now is the time to email those people reminding them to log on and print their own statements.

Remember, TouchPoint’s statements are designed to fit in a number 9 window envelope, with either single or double windows. You just fold, stuff, and mail them!

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2 thoughts on “2016 Year-End Giving Statements

    1. Karen Post author

      You can log on to your TouchPoint account for your church, click the Giving > Statement tab, and then click the year for which you want a statement.



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