Menu Addition: People > All Records

Those of you with eagle eyes will have already spotted this little addition to the People Menu under the Search Builder Query sub-heading. You now have an option named All Records.  When you select that, without any other clicks, you will be taken to a Search Builder query that will run automatically (even if you do not have Auto Refresh selected) and the results will be everyone in your database.

Why do you need this? You probably don’t. However, some of you on very rare occasions will want to email everyone in your database. By adding this link we have saved you a couple of extra clicks.

The reason I said you probably would not need this feature is because we always encourage you to find your target audience instead of emailing everyone in the database. If you want some tips and suggestions regarding emailing, click HERE.

Lay Leaders: Just because that link is named All Records does not mean that you can now miraculously view all records in your database. Au contraire! This link will observe the restrictions of your OrgLeadersOnly user role and display only people who you can already access.

Check out the help article about the Home Page if you are not familiar with the menu options located there.

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