Search Builder Condition – First with Same Email

New ImageWe created this Condition for our own use when sending out our monthly TouchPoint Newsletter, so that if any of you had multiple records in our database (with the same email address), you would receive the Newsletter only one time.

The new Condition is named First Person Same Email and is located on the Miscellaneous category tab in Search Builder. When you add this Condition to any search and run the search again, the results will change so that only the first person it finds will be included in the new results. In other words, once it finds someone with an email address, anyone else with that same email address will no longer be included in the results.

This is a very handy new addition to Search Builder especially because you can use Email Replacement Codes in the email and they will apply to whichever person actually receives the email.

I’m sure you can think of many uses for this new Condition, but we’ve outlined a few examples in the help article.

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