Email Replacement for Birthdate

TouchPoint has quite a few email replacement codes that you can put inside emails sent via TouchPoint. We just added one more – {birthdate}.

Here is a possible use case for this one:

You would like to verify the personal information that’s in the database for your Life Group Members (or any group of people for that matter). You can send an email using several of the replacement codes such as the following and including the new one {birthdate}:

  • {name} – First and Last Name of recipient
  • {first} – First Name of recipient or preferred name if there is one
  • {last} – Last Name of recipient
  • {address} – Line 1 of Street Address
  • {address2} – Line 2 of Street Address
  • {city} – Primary City
  • {state} – Primary State
  • {csz} – City, State Zip as a single replacement
  • {homephone} – Home Phone
  • {occupation} – Occupation
  • {cellphone} – Displays the cellphone number on a persons’ record. Helpful if you are asking people to opt-in for texting.
  • {receivesms} – Current setting for receiving text messages – either Yes or No.

Better yet, why not encourage your members to create a My Data account so they can correct or add this information themselves?  We have a sample email in this help article about My Data Accounts.

If you are not familiar with Email Replacement Codes, you will want to check out the help article that lists the possible codes and the context in which you can use them. Those listed above are just a few of those that are available.

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