ATT/Bellsouth Email Issue Resolved

2016-09-19_07-56-49We know that many of you have experienced a number of bounced emails over the past 2 weeks. The problem started around Nov. 1st and was finally resolved by ATT on Nov. 15., 2016. The problem was that for no reason that we could see, ATT was blocking emails to your recipients when sent via TouchPoint. We believe it was a mistake on ATT’s part. In fact, our sender score is over 97% deliverability and our reputation as a mass emailer is pristine. We send over 16 million emails every year for our clients.

Our developer contacted ATT several times following their outlined procedures to resolve this. But nothing happened. We asked those of you that contacted us to tell their members who use ATT/Bellsouth to contact ATT directly. After all,  those members are the actual clients of ATT. We are just the email sender (sometimes considered that we are the “bad guys” by your Internet Service Providers).

We know for a fact that at least 2 Bellevue members took the time to talk with ATT and it was after those contacts that the problem was finally resolved and we finally got notice from ATT that “it looks like the issue has been resolved.” 

The moral of the story is this: big companies listen to their clients, those who are paying for their service. However, they do not always listen to those who are just using their services to email their clients.

We hate that this happened and we did all we could to fix it. But at least now we know that when the people speak, ATT listens.

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