New DocX Merge in TouchPoint

Once again, a developer working for one of our TouchPoint churches helping them automate some of their tasks has collaborated with us on an excellent new feature that we have added to the open source project. It is a Word merge inside TouchPoint. This requires initial setup by your System Admin for your specific letters, but the merge letters themselves will be on the blue Toolbar as Custom Reports for use by your staff.

In very simple terms, here is how it works.

  • Create a letter using email replacement codes and save it as a Word document (docx).
  • Upload the document to our TouchPoint servers.
  • Create a special Custom Report that will be a URL link to this document.
  • Run your search, select your merge report from the blue Toolbar, then print and mail your letters.

This is perfect for sending letters to first-time givers, new members, letters requesting updated information…or many other scenarios. Your System Admin can follow the instructions in our help article to upload your documents for easy access when you are ready to create a mail merge. A user role is built in to the Custom Report, so only users that need to use these documents will see them as options. You determine what that role should be.


Thank you to our friends at FCC Hudson and Keith for the idea behind this and for collaborating with us on this new feature. We are always thrilled when developers at a church solve a need for the ministry and offer their work product back to the TouchPoint community. That is open source at its best.

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