Contacts: Limit to Role Setting

TouchPoint has a feature that allows you to limit the visibility of a Contact by selecting a user role from the Limit to Role drop down. When you select that role, only a person with that user role will be able to see that the person has had a Contact. So, you want to think very carefully about how you use that feature.

Because most databases have a lot of user roles, we have created a new Setting named LimitToRolesForContacts that, when added to your database, lets you (the System Admin) enter just the names of the roles that you want to display in that drop down.


If the only Contacts that really need to be protected are the ones made by your Pastoral Care staff, then create a role name Private or Pastoral Care and enter only that role as the value in the new setting, making sure you assign that role to the appropriate staff.

You can enter as many roles as you really need for that purpose, but you probably want to limit this to only a handful at the most. If you need a new role for this purpose, create the role first, and then add the Setting and enter that new role as the value. Be sure you assign that role to every user that will need to view these private Contacts.

Thank you Redeemer Presbyterian for sponsoring this project!

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