Online Picture Directory – Yes!!

2016-10-23_20-44-04This is it – the new feature we’ve been hinting about. It is the new Online Picture Directory. Thank you to Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville TN for sponsoring this project.

As with all of our new features, regardless of whether they are sponsored or not, all TouchPoint churches reap the benefits, because the code becomes part of the Open Source Project.

We created this directory to be flexible, knowing that each church will have different requirements for who is included in the directory and how much information is displayed. You can create a Member Directory using a Status Flag and even have the option to add a Custom Link on your branded TouchPoint app. The directory will also appear  as an option on the People menu header on your database.

You can create multiple online directories for a number of different organizations or for just one organization in which you enroll those you want included in the directory.

Use Case: Getting to Know You

One church is using the directory to help their congregation learn each others names. So, they use a Status Flag that includes active members, and the directory template is set up to include only the person’s picture and  name.

Whichever method you choose, rest assured that only those who are included in the directory will be able to access it. And only those who can already access the person’s record will be able to use the links to actually view that record.

There is way too much to say about this than will fit into a blog post. So, be sure to read about it and let the appropriate staff at your church know about this great new feature, so your church can make use of this online directory.

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5 thoughts on “Online Picture Directory – Yes!!

  1. Jay

    Awesome addition! Thank you!
    Is it possible to create another directory that uses a sql script and template that is different from the defaults?


    1. Karen Post author

      Yes, you can do that.

      For an Organization, you can add two ExtraValues called PictureDirectoryTemplate and PictureDirectorySql each pointing to a customized version of the standard template/sql.

      For a Division, you can add two Special Contents called PictureDirectoryTemplate-d201 and PictureDirectorySql-d201 where d201 is the thing you add to the URL like PictureDirectory/d201


  2. Marcia

    This is super exciting and I’d love to read more, but the “Read More…” link goes to a “404”. Update please? Thank you!



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