New Main Menu – Small Changes

2016-07-18_15-33-22You probably noticed that we have made a few changes to the Main Menu. We did this for several reasons: 1) we needed a place to put a link to the new  Church Picture Directory; 2) we wanted to add another way you can access Search builder;  and 3) we just wanted to arrange everything better and make the menus look better.

Other than the addition of the items on the People Menu, the other changes are mainly cosmetic. But those little cosmetic changes were designed to make the options easier to find at a glance. So, a few colors have changed, some unnecessary lines have been removed, and some sub-headers have been added and/or changed.

We do pay attention to the little things and those little things are typically what make a good product a great product.

Check out the new Main Menu by clicking on the headers – People, Organizations, Reports, and Administration. We hope you like the changes!

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