Easier Way to Create a Sub-Group

This new feature is a precursor to an even bigger feature that we will tell you about in the next week or so. Not to take anything away for this little gem; it is super handy!

If you have Edit role, click on the Member Dialog for one of the members in one of your organizations and then click the Groups tab. You will notice a new text box and a green Add New button. This is where you can create a new sub-group and place that person in that group all in one fell swoop. Pretty nifty, huh!

You can also do that same thing using the Update Members option on the Member tab of the organization if you have the Manage Groups user role. Filter for those you want to add to this new sub-group, click Update Members and select the Groups button. You will see the same option to create a new sub-group and a reminder that everyone in your filter will be added to that group.

Read more…about Member Dialogs and Sub-Groups

Read More…about Update Members and Sub-Groups

Sometimes we create something because people are clamoring for it, or it’s been on our list and we have finally been able to get to it, or a church wants to sponsor the new feature and we know it will be useful.

However, other time we create or revise a feature because we know it will be useful for another feature that we are working on. That is the case here. So, keep watching the blog for an unveiling of this other new feature!

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