New Email Replacement Codes for Pledges

We just published two new email replacement codes. One is for the amount of a pledge to a specific fund. The other is for the balance still due on that pledge.

You do not have to wait until you send out contribution statements for you to update a donor regarding his pledge. If you are nearing the end of the life of a special fund or campaign, using these replacement codes will let you email everyone with a pledge for that fund, reminding them that the end of the campaign is drawing near.

Or you could email all of your members or donors, not just those that have made a pledge, and remind everyone about the campaign and when it will end. Those without a pledge for that fund will just see zeroes in both places – the amount and the balance. If someone has given more than their pledge, they will see the difference as an overage (in parentheses).

Check out all of our email replacement codes and see how you can make good use of them! For these new codes, look under the header All Emails and the paragraph titled Pledge Replacements.

Thank you, Redeemer Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this project.

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One thought on “New Email Replacement Codes for Pledges

  1. Kayan

    Thank you, Touchpoint, for implementing this email replacement code. We used this in a recent mailing; it worked beautifully and we got a tremendous response with folks updating their giving towards their pledges!

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