Compose Email on Mobile Devices

2016-09-19_07-56-49Several of you have been in the habit of using your phone for sending TouchPoint emails and were disappointed to see that the email, once it was sent, did not look the same as what you were seeing on your phone when composing it. Well, no more!

Until recently, the text editor (CKEditor) we use in TouchPoint for composing emails and other formatted text items did not work on a mobile device the way it does on a normal computer. The reason was the CKEditor was incompatible on Mobile browsers. That has changed.

As of Sept. 2016, you can compose your emails on your iPhone or Android phone and still have the same formatting options as on your computer! That means that when you put a line break, it stays there and your paragraphs do not get smashed up together.

We are happy about this change and we hope you are too!

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