Email Recovery


Over the past few months, we have heard from some users that, on occasion, they have lost their work while composing an email. These users were writing newsletters that take a long time to compose. The problem happened when they went to Save Draft–they got an error message with no way to go back to their work.

While we have been unable to replicate this, we suspect this happens when their Internet connection is interrupted. Rather than trying to replicate the problem and prevent it, we have instead provided a way to recover your content locally. This new feature is now available.

Every time you click Save and close the CKEditor (this is the editor you use when writing your email), it saves the HTML for the email into a local storage area available in your browser. This local storage is reused so it only works for one email at a time. When you have a fatal error (like your network being unplugged while you are editing), you will now be able to recover your work.

  • You just start to compose an email over again.
  • And you can pick the empty template this time because you are going to be using the previously saved template and content.
  • When the compose page appears this time, don’t click in the area to load the editor, but immediately scroll to the bottom of the page and  click the Recover button.
  • This will bring back the content you lost complete with the template you were using.
  • You will be ready to Save Draft, Send or Send Test to Self.

We hope you find this helpful.


One thought on “Email Recovery

  1. Chris

    This is such a clever tool and works great! I helped one of our staff recover an email yesterday that she lost because of her own mistake and she was so grateful. THANK YOU!!



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