New ‘Registered Only’ for iPad Attendance

New ImageTouchPoint’s iPad Attendance feature is a perfect way to use an iPad (or multiple iPads) to take attendance for an event when you do not want to use self-check-in or roll sheets. And now that feature has gotten even better with the addition of the new iPad Attendance Registered Only option.

When you select this option from the Toolbar cloud icon under Special Pages, only those who are registered to attend will display. This makes your list a lot shorter, which is nice if you use this for a large organization.

This is perfect for use with the Volunteer Calendar as well. Only those who are flagged as Attending, Substitute, or Find Substitute (those who tried to find a sub, but haven’t) will display in the list. In other words, you will see just those that would print on your roll sheet for that meeting – those who should be there.

Thank you, Redeemer Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this project.

PS  There is a bonus as well – when you have more than one tab opened on the browser of your iPad and are using iPad Attendance, the name of the org will be displayed as the name of the tab. This means you can take attendance for more than one org using the same iPad and always know which org you are viewing.

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