Search Builder – View Code

If you use Search Builder (and I sure hope you do!) you probably noticed the new View Code link under your search. If you are brave, you probably even clicked that link. And if you clicked the link, you would see that we are giving you a way to view your entire search all at one time, that is, without having to click on each Condition to view the elements.

We have a couple of reasons for adding this link:

  1. To give you, the user, an easy way to look at everything in your search in order to review it. Even though this is code, it is still a user-friendly way for you to examine the Conditions that make up each search
  2. To give an Admin user the ability to copy and paste the code directly into a Python script, instead of referencing a saved search
I especially like this feature when I have used a One Of option in a Condition. I see all of the selections right there. And if I have a couple of Conditions that use that option, I can look at all of them in that one text box. I just think it is a very nice feature and a great way to really look closely at a search to ensure you are using the correct  Conditions.
We will add more about the Python use of this code at a later date.

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