New iPad Check-In App Available

New ImageIt’s out there, now! Download it from the App Store – TouchPoint Check-In for iPad. We published the Android version a few months ago, and you can find it at Google Play.

This is a completely new check-in app which replaces BVCheckin as of August, 2016. It works almost identically to the Android version. The basic differences are just the differences between Android and Apple products.

If you currently use BVCheckin, replace it with this new app. It is named TouchPoint Check-In. And, of course, the Android and Apple apps are totally free!

If you missed the blog post about the Android version, click here.

These mobile check-in apps put attendance-taking literally in the palm of your hand. You can mount the tablet on the wall, use a free-standing tablet holder, a desktop holder, or even one that straps to your hand. Check-In has never been easier!

And yes, you can print labels even when you use a tablet for check-in. You will want to read more about how check-in works on a tablet and how to print labels when using the app.

Thank you, Steven, for making this happen!

Read more…and don’t forget to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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