Registration History & Summary

TipsThese two reports for Admins are very helpful not only to see how many registrations you have for an event (on the Summary) but also to help you troubleshoot when someone has a question about his registration or a problem registering.

The Registration History is a list of every registration whether it was ever completed or not. That page, which is actually a registration search page, has various filtering options as well, which will help you find a specific person’s registration. You can even filter to find only registrations that originated from the TouchPoint mobile app!

Whereas the Registration History is a list of every individual registration, the Registration Summary is just that – a summary of registrations by Description. The Description is actually the name of the organization used for the registration.

Both of these reports were created to be tools to help you evaluate and troubleshoot your online registrations. That is why only an Admin user can view these. Each one has links to more information. The Registration History should be your first stop when trying to answer questions for someone about an online registration. You can view what the registration page looks like for a registrant as well as drilling down to specifics for an individual who has tried to register, whether they succeeded or not.

Read more…about the Registration History

Read more…about the Registration Summary

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