Emails-Public and Private

TipsNo, I’m not talking about anything political! I just wanted to mention that with TouchPoint you can make those beautiful emails of yours – those newsletters or ads for an upcoming event – public so that you can post the links on Facebook or Twitter, on your website or in a blog post. When you do, it looks like a web page, not like an email.

This is not new, but it is something that some of you may not know about. In today’s society, chances are that when you post something on Twitter or Facebook, your target audience will see it before they read your email. That is why TouchPoint has a simple method to allow you to turn that private email into, basically, a public web page. 

If for some reason you make an email public and decide later it should remain private, No problem. You can easily change it back to a private email.

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PS Just a reminder – emails are never really private, which is why we discourage you from sending confidential information in them.


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