New SQL Report-Org Attend Counts

Once again, we have a new SQL recipe to share with you. This recipe is for a report we call OrgAttendCount. We have our good friends at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen, Texas to thank for sponsoring this report.

The purpose of the report is to evaluate attendance for children, for a specified date range but it can be generated for any age group. It has a column for each schedule with the person’s attendances at each hour listed as well as the total. The mother and father’s names are listed as well. The script itself contains the specific hours for which you want to see columns and attendance. The sample has Sundays 9:30 and 11:00. I added Sunday 8:00 to our script.

Use Case:

You could generate this for a division of children’s orgs for one quarter of the year. And then open another tab and generate the report for the same groups of orgs, but for the following quarter. By viewing those tabs side-by-side, you can easily evaluate a child’s attendance – is it better or worse, are they switching to a different hour.

After generating the report, you have several links available.

  • Click the link for the person’s total attendances and view his Attendance History.
  • Click on a name and view that person’s people record.
  • Click the org name and view the organization.

Like most reports, you also have the option to export it to Excel.

I added this report to our church database, so our staff and leaders can generate it from the blue Toolbar after filtering for a Program and Division (Schedule is optional). Check with your System Admin if you want this in your database. It’s really quite easy if you follow the recipe!

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