Custom Reports: Spouse Info

A little more than a week ago, we blogged about a new addition to the list of available items you can use in Custom Reports; and now, here we are again, telling you about yet another addition! This time, we added spouse information.

You can now include the following fields in a custom report:

  • Spouse ID (this was already available)
  • Spouse First Name
  • Spouse Last Name
  • Spouse Cell
  • Spouse Email

Use Case: Gender-Specifc Organizations

Your Women’s Ministry Bible Study has a Custom Report so that you can see information about the women’s church membership (or any of the other items you can include in a  Custom Report), and, if she is married, you would also like to see her spouse’s name, and contact information.

That is just one use case. I’m sure you will find many other uses for these available fields in your Custom Reports.

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PS If you do not need a Custom Report, we have a Family Export that is available on the blue Toolbar. It contains information about a spouse and children.

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