Background Check Report​

New ImageBy now, you should be familiar with the terms SQL and Python. I hope so because I’m here today to tell you about a new SQL report you will probably want to add to your database.

This new report is for churches that use the Protect My Ministry integration with TouchPoint for their background checks. Like all of our SQL reports, we have the recipe in our documentation for Programming Using Python and SQL. For these recipes, all you do is copy and paste it into a new SQL Script File that you create in Special Content. By you, I mean your System Admin. Anytime something is in Special Content or in Settings, the user with the Admin role is the one to handle it.

Thank you to Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN, for sponsoring this report. Like all new features in TouchPoint, regardless the sponsor, it is added to the Open Source project and we all benefit. Our TouchPoint churches truly are a community!

Use Case for the Report:

I created a saved search to find everyone for whom we ran a background check in the past month. Then I wanted to see a report giving me the details for each person. The report gives me a perfect way to check what is in TouchPoint against my PMM billing, especially if I need to assign these to different GL accounts. It also provides a way to verify that all submissions have been completed.

Like most of our reports, the PID# is a link to the person’s people record, and you have the option to download to Excel. If you want this report to be available on the Toolbar under the </> icon, add the script to your database, run the report, and then select Add to Toolbar. The SQL recipe contains code to restrict the report to those with Application Review role.

Read more… and get the recipe.

Read more… about Protect My Ministry and its integration with TouchPoint.

Read more…about the Search Builder Condition mentioned above.

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