Advanced Search for Organizations

SearchTouchPoint has a lot of ways to filter for organizations on the Organization > Search/Manage page. You can mix and match various drop-downs: Organization Type, Program, Division, Status, Campus, Schedule, and Online Registration. You can also search using the Name field using a partial match for the organization name or the leader’s name, or an exact match for location or org ID#.

But we have much more! TouchPoint also has an advanced search using the name field. You can enter a prefix for Extra Values, Parent/Child Orgs, and Online Registration setting elements followed by specific EVs, Org ID#s, or registration element names. This is really nice if, for example, you want to find out which of your orgs that are set up for online registration are allowing for deposits, or that allow the registrants to save their progress. We have a very long list of items such as these.

You really need to check out the help article and even bookmark it for later reference if these types of advanced searches appeal to you. This is really a very nice feature.

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