Exciting New App: Mobile Check-In for Android

2016-05-07_11-36-04We are pleased to announce our newest app: TouchPoint Check-In for Android tablets. This new app is the first release in our project to rewrite Mobile Check-In. We will later release a version for iPads, which will replace the older BVCheckin app.

Why is this so exciting? It is exciting because this is our first Check-In app designed specifically for Android devices. This will allow you to make Check-In happen anywhere you want it. These can be hand-held, locked in a stand, mounted on a counter – the choices are yours to make. These devices can be purchased relatively inexpensively, but will do the same work as the standard TouchPoint Check-In.

What about printing labels? You can print labels using this app just like you can currently from the BVCheckin app on an iPad. We have step-by-step instructions to guide you in setting this up at your church.

Download it now at Google Play. Look for TouchPoint Check-In.

TouchPoint Check-In is also in the Amazon Appstore and this app will work great with their Amazon Fire tablets. These can be purchased very inexpensively. We actually have a little 7″ Fire tablet and it works great!

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3 thoughts on “Exciting New App: Mobile Check-In for Android

  1. heathkouns

    I have been testing on the Fire as well and it is Great! At less than $50 it is an awesome cost effective option compared to the iPads.


    1. Karen Post author

      Then new Android version will work on an Android phone. We do plan to make the iPad version work on an iPhone as well. This new rewrite for Apple products should be complete in the upcoming months.



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