Check-In: User Roles

2016-05-05_14-39-56-1Some of you are aware of the changes we’ve been making regarding Check-In and the roles required to log in. Just to update everyone, I want to outline specifically what is required for a user to open Check-In and our recommendations regarding that user.

Required Role

The only user role that is required to log into Check-In is the role named Checkin. You do not need to assign Access if you select that role.

Currently, not all databases have that user role. So, if your database does not have the role Checkin, we are allowing a user with Access to log into Check-In.

If your database has Checkin role you must have that role in order to open Check-In.

Our Recommendation

We suggest creating a people record that is used exclusively for opening Check-In. Then assign only the user role Checkin. This allows a volunteer to open Check-In, but they will not be allowed to use that same user account to log onto the normal application and have access to all records.

NOTE: Checkin role is the only true user role that can be assigned without also assigning the role Access. This is to accommodate the above recommendation.

Be sure to look at the users that open Check-In kiosks and remove the Access role if they only need to be able to log into Check-In.

Important Notice of What Is to Come

In a few months, we will be inserting the user role Checkin into all databases that currently do not have it. We will let you know before we do this. Once that happens, only users with Checkin role will be able to log into Check-In.

You can do one of two things:

  1. Go ahead and create the Checkin role in your database and assign it to the user(s) that opens your Check-In kiosks or iPads.
  2. Wait until we put the role in your database and be prepared to assign the role to the user the opens your Check-In kiosks or iPads.

Read more about Check-In Users and Roles.

Watch this blog for further information.

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