Ministry: Prospects, Guests, and Members

TipsA while back (probably more than a year ago), we added a tab on the organization page named Prospects. We already had tabs for Members and Guests (as well as a few other tabs which are not part of this conversation).

There was so much to talk about around that time (new filtering and sorting options, new UX, and more ), I’m not sure we ever fully explained the purpose of the Prospect tab and how it was intended to be used for ministry. We want to correct that now.

We have defined each of these types of people associated with organizations as they relate to their use in TouchPoint. Also, we have explained more about the why and how of using Prospects, and how Guests and Prospects are different (and how they sometimes are alike). If you are not using Prospects or if you do not really understand the Guest tab or if you just want to see what you might be missing, please click the link below and read the article.

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You might also want to take a look at this other article that explains everything you see on an organization page. How many of you know you can view people on multiple tabs of an organization all in one list? You can! You can also use checkboxes or sub-groups to filter the list of people on the organization.

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