Sub-Group Attendance for TouchPoint Mobile App

2016-02-23_14-27-15We have a new feature for those of you using the TouchPoint Mobile app for taking attendance. You can now flag leaders for sub-groups and when they take attendance on their mobile phone each leader will see only his own group, along with any guests to the class.

This is a great way for you to divide and conquer when it comes to taking attendance and is especially useful for large classes or for churches taking individual attendance in their worship services. Another benefit is that your group leaders will be much more intentional about keeping up with their group members if they are responsible for marking their attendance.

Thank you, Joel, for this great new feature! Joel is on staff at one of our TouchPoint family of churches and is also a computer programmer. We are grateful for his contribution to our open source project.

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A word about the app:

If your church is not using the TouchPoint Mobile app, you should check it out! The basic app which includes People, Attendance, and Tasks & Contacts is available at no extra cost to your church. Just download it to your smartphone. If you want to customize it for your church (which we did here at Bellevue and so have other churches) and add more features you can do that as well. Just contact us for more information. Read more..

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