Why Did That Happen?

This post is not about something new. It is to answer a question we get from time to time. “Why did I get logged off?”

It is because your session timed out. Which then begs the question “Why did my session time out?” There are a couple of different answers for that which depend on what you are doing at the time.

Your session times out when you are inactive for 120 minutes (2 hours). That’s a long time to just sit there staring at your computer! But you probably have moved on to something else or walked away. So, it’s good that the session just times out.

You can also lose your session if you have more than one tab open for TouchPoint and one of them is open to a registration page where you were probably testing your online registration and left it without completing the registration. As a security feature, that page will time out sooner than our session timeout. And when it does, it will close your session – on all tabs that are open on TouchPoint. Which is why we display the following message when you click “Try Registration”.


There you have it! The answers to life’s persistent questions – at least one of them.

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