Seeing Red-It’s a Good Thing!

Finance users, this is for you! We found one more thing that slipped through the cracks with the new UX last year. Previously, on the Contribution Search page, all Returned and Reversal items displayed in red type, making them easily visible. But, oops – that piece of code just went up in smoke! Well, not literally, but it did somehow disappear.

It’s back now, making it visually easier to spot those types of items, not only on the Contribution Search page but also in the Bundle as well.

One more thing – the Contribution Type that displays beside each contribution now more accurately describes the source. All online contributions will display as the type Online, instead of Check/Cash.  Regular contributions will continue to have the type Check/Cash.

One suggestion, your Admin user may want to rename the Contribution Type Check/Check to Regular. That’s what we did at our church. So, now the three main types are Regular, Online, and Recurring Giving.

Thank you, Brenda and Martha, for bringing this to our attention!


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