Checks for Online Reg Groups

2016-01-26_15-36-22When we published the new UX last year, we discovered that a few things changed unexpectedly and some other items had not survived the change. We have been correcting those as we discover them. There are two such examples that we want to mention that relate to online registrations with items that create sub-groups. Plus, we have a way to find any registrations with problem sub-groups.

Extra Spaces in the Sub-Group Name

We are now ignoring those extra spaces that can get added to the end of the name when you copy and paste the names of your sub-groups. These were causing issues with the registration itself. Now, we have the code in place that will ignore them. We don’t recommend that you add the spaces, of course; but if you have them, all will be well.

Duplicate Sub-Group Names

Each sub-group name must be unique. For some registrations, you might have the same option on different days, and you have created sub-groups with the same name. That can cause a problem with your registration. Now, we have a prompt that lets you know when you have done that. Then you can edit the offending names so that each is unique.

New Report to Find Problem Group Names

Because you may have previously created registrations with sub-group names that are not unique, we have a SQL script that your System Admin can add to your database. When run, it will find all sub-group names associated with a registration. It will indicate how many times that name is used. It sorts in reverse order, so any problem groups are at the top. This is a great tool for verifying that all your registrations are good to go.

Read more…about the Questions Settings tab and all the options that are available.

Read more…about the SQL report.

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