New Features re Giving and Pledging

Finance users listen up! We have several new items that will be of interest to you.

Let’s start with Search Builder. We have the following new Conditions:

  1. Recent Pledge Amount with Both Joint
  2. Pledge Amount History with Both Joint
  3. Is Family Giver
  4. Is Family Pledger

Items 1 & 2 will return both spouses if they both have Joint contribution statement types, even if all Pledges are posted to just one spouse’s record. Item number 1 looks back a number of days while item number 2 uses a date range. Both allow you to specify a Fund or leave blank for all Funds.

Items 3 & 4 will return all family members (Primary Adults, Children, and Secondary Adults) if anyone in the family has made a donation or a pledge. Each of these uses a number of days to look back and allows you to specify a Fund or leave blank for all Funds.

But wait, there’s more! Because those first 2 new Conditions look for spouses where both of them are flagged as Joint for their statements, we also created a way for your system admin to find any couples that have statement types that do not match.

NOTE: If you change one spouse’s type to Joint, the other spouse will automatically change to Joint. However, during conversions, or if you add someone to a family and do not change their contribution type, you may have some couples with the husband set as joint and the wife set as Individual or vice versa or some other combination that is not right.

This help article tells you all you need to know about finding those couples in order for you to make corrections to their statement type.

This is not all, but it is much more than I like to include in one blog post. So, to borrow from Uncle Wiggily, “if my automobile doesn’t turn upside down and break my ice cream cone,” I’ll tell you about our other new reports next time.

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