Custom, SQL, Python Reports Unveiled

2016-04-07_11-50-18It is time to let you in on the secret! 

A few days ago, we told you about the new icon on the Blue Toolbar, where users now access Custom Reports. Actually, I called it the Data icon, but it is really the Code icon  and looks like this: </>. This is where you will now find all Custom Reports, as well as any SQL or Python Reports that your Admin user adds to the toolbar. It is also where your Admin will go to create new Custom Reports.

Creating Custom Reports is easier than ever.  You can manage the columns as you create the report by dragging and dropping the items to exactly where you want them. We also have identified special fields: Extra Values, Sub-Groups, and Org Specific. This makes it easy to see which fields would not be appropriate on a report for a group that is not part of a specific organization.

Those are great changes to the Custom Reports. However, what we have done regarding SQL and Python scripts is even better! We are exposing some hidden jewels.

Using our new recipes for SQL and Python scripts, you (the Admin user) can create these reports in your church’s database, without knowing those programming languages. You also have the option of adding these to the main Reports Menu or the Blue Toolbar. This makes those great reports available to other users. See what I mean by exposing hidden jewels? Keep watching the Recently Updated help articles, as we plan to continue adding more recipes.

As with all TouchPoint reports, any that relate to contributions will be restricted to just Finance users. Other reports may be restricted to certain user roles in the script itself.

Read more..about the new options on the Blue Toolbar.

Read more…about Custom Reports.

Read more…about SQL and Python recipes.


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