Building Check-In Mode

This is not something new, but it is probably something you may not know about. TouchPoint Check-In has a Building Check-In Mode. This uses our TouchPoint Check-In software, but it  does require some simple administrative set up. This setup is so that your church can name the activities you want to display when someone checks into the building, the criteria for checking in, and how many guests someone can bring.

This was designed for use with an activities building (gym) so people could check in and select the Walking Track, Fitness Equipment, Gym, etc. – whatever activity they would be doing that day. But you could track other types of activities in a building if you need to know who is coming on site and for what purpose.

Like our normal TouchPoint Check-In, you use a phone number to find your family. You can also add someone to the database, edit a record, and take a photo. It works using a dual monitor setup, so an attendant can view the picture of the person checking in, any notes that have been made about that person regarding their use of the building, and a running log of those checking in and the activities they selected.

But there is so much more you will want to read about this really useful mode of check-in. If your church has a gym , or if you have a building where you want to monitor the activity, check this out! By the way, we have a great Check-In Activity Report that goes along with this, so you can see how your building is being used.

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