Addition to Absents Report and Notices

This new addition is  on the Recent Absents report, as well as on the Email Attendance Notices and the Attendance Notices Preview page. What is this addition, you ask? It’s Other Attends! We now let you know if someone who is on the report as being absent, actually attended something else. We refer to that as an Other Attend, and it is very valuable information.

On the Recent Absents Report, there is a column named Other Attend. The number in that column will be how many other attends they have had in the time period for the Recent Absents. For most people, that will be zero. But for others, you will now have an indication that they have attended another class, even though they have been absent for that one.

On the Email Attendance Notice and the Preview those with an Other Attend  will have that noted next to the last attended date for that person.

Thank you, Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church for sponsoring this project!

If you are not using the Recent Absents report or the Email Attendance Notices, you should check them out. They contain great information and a lot of inter-active links.

Read more about Recent Absents Report

Read more about Email Attendance Notices

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