New Report-Meeting Day Stats

New ImageOur new Meeting Day Stats report is an Excel export that provides a snapshot of one day’s meetings for a group of organizations. You first filter for the organizations you want included in the report, then select Meeting Day Stats from the blue Toolbar, select a date and run the report.

The report itself was created as a tool to help ministers evaluate how their classes are progressing. They want to see if classes have guests, if they have new members – is the class growing. To make this easy, the minister can filter for the Program and Division for which he is responsible and see, in a nice Excel format, all the classes listed with one row per organization per meeting. Organizations that have multiple Schedules, will be listed once for each meeting time. We have included member count, attendance, guests, new members, drops and the final member count.

Thank you Hunter Street Baptist Church in Alabama for sponsoring this project!

Just check it out! I think you will really like it.

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