Mobile App – New ‘Add Guests’ Option

2016-02-23_14-27-15Do your lay leaders take attendance using the TouchPoint Mobile app on their smart phones? Are you tired of all the new records that are created when they add a guest to their meetings? If so, you will be very interested in this latest feature!

Remember, users with OrgLeadersOnly role can only access records for individuals who are already connected to  organizations that they lead – members, prospects, and recent guests – as well as anyone for whom they have been assigned a Task. So, when they take attendance and want to add a new guest, they can not find anyone that is not already in connected to the organization.

We thought long and hard about this and came up with, what we believe, is an excellent solution.

Each church now has the option to add a Setting to their database that will relax the OrgLeadersOnly rules and enable those users to find anyone in the database when adding someone as a guest to a meeting.

This feature works only when using the app and only when adding a guest.  So, the only time a lay leader will have access to the entire database is the moment he is searching for someone visiting the class, and only when doing that using the TouchPoint app.

We made this a Setting, in order give the churches control over it. Nothing changes unless the Setting is added and set as true.

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